The virulent attacks ... the hotel property

In the context of the real estate market are "warm" way up, many investors are "new tune" the product, increasing incentives to attract new and foreign customers.

If these forms of promotion last year as a gift to buy the phone, gold, travel or gift lucky draw promotion attract tourists .... once you open this land sale, the situation has changed. The real estate business was "wise" than making a series of malicious attacks, new, strange to attract tourists, mainly hitting on utility services products.

Typically in early July, is committed to the timely handover CT Project Number One was making a commitment "not two" while promising to support free rent from the time of signing the sales contract the time of taking delivery of the apartment. In case the customer does not opt for a free rental assistance, customers will get a gold.

Equally novel, investors Ceramic Land at Number One project Thang Long (Thang Long Highway Number 1 - South Liem) also announced a series of additional items versus utility design plans initial like to add one pool to increase the number of projects to pool 3 pool; investment system that provides hot water at the tap; adjustments and system upgrades doors, exit doors with fire protection time of 60 minutes; Building Management System BMS smart ...

Cast also free services to attract tourists, investors Mullbery Lane Condominium (Ha Dong) has recently announced policy of free services 5 years to buy apartments. Or, Dolphin Plaza project (American Family) in the opening round of the first apartment sales in July also committed lunar free customer management for a period of 3 years.
And a series of vertical, wonder investors are used to attract tourists ... but also about which many people have to spend money buying and renting apartments, apartment rental rates that are reasonable can earn additional income that would still be home. From that benefits a lot of people have money and buy apartments and rent back. Now the tax for apartments for rent in Hanoi as a popular service.

It can be seen, with the move of investors, customers are actually considered by investors as "God". This also shows that the open apartment sales activity is still not easy. The market is still waiting for the new type of sales creative ability of the investor.

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