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Customers' review:

Nasser Gas from France:

Sorry for my english first. My real estate agent's name is Tong. He helps me to find an apartment inside Hanoi whereas i was in France. He called me taxi and when i arrived, he drived me for visit apartments. When i found the apartment, we visited restaurants, atm, sports center around my apartment. When i need help, i can call him. Mister Tong is #1. You can send him email if you need help for find an apartment. He answer you so fast ! When i got problems, he is always here for help me. I hope that french real estate agent copy him because he is here for help them clients. I's a pleasure to find a beautiful apartment, with nice landlord, nice neighboor. It's so cleaner, quite, beautiful. I'm very very very happy to be in hanoi with his help! Thanks for all Vina Houselink ! If you want to find great apartments: thanhtong@vinahouselink.com (in french) Merci à Monsieur Tong pour tout ce qu'il fait pour moi à hanoi. si vous avez besoin d'aide pour trouver un appartment d'excellent qualité prix, contactez le, car il vous aidera avec plaisir et avec le sourire. J'ai connu des propriétaires malhonnêtes à Hanoi et Monsieur Tong m'a aidé a trouvé la maison idéale à côté de mon lieu de travail. Si vous avez un problème, contactez moi ou contactez-le: thanhtong@vinahouselink.com et je tiens à remercier Vina Houselink pour tout ce qu'ils ont fait pour moi. Vous ne verrez jamais ça en France je pense !

PS: 5 stars is not enough. I give him 10 stars !




My real estate agent's name was Tong. I was impressed with how hard he was willing to work to help me out and find me something great. He was the only one that took me to places that were not just on the general list that every company has. Other companies kept taking me to the same places I already had seen. I actually found a building I wanted to be in and out of 6 agents from various companies only Tong was able to find me what I wanted (actually better) in that specific building and in my price range. I don't know how or why he could find this apt for me while others couldn't, but he is the only one that could, everyone else said they just couldn't find anything in the building I wanted to live in. Tong's number is +84 962655809 and his email is thanhtong@vinahouselink.com

Detinkina Elena from Russia:

Vina Houselink is just great thanks to their staff. They are so helpful! Being a Russian, I am not spoiled by good landlords ( you pretty much deal with all house- related problems by your own), but these guys do really care! The apartment is fully equipped and if you need a little bit of extra (laundry basket or water cooler) it is ordered and delivered free of charge. Their prices are fair and I would defenetly recommend using their services.


I have recently moved into a brand new apartment from vina houselink.The representative i dealt with,a girl named Van must be the most pleasant and helpful person ive met since ive been in Vietnam.When ive asked for something for the apartment,or ive wanted something adjusted, she has arranged it straight away(sometimes within 2 hours).Good company and great rep to deal with.Highly recommended.


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