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Our services:

VinaHouseLink takes care of all your housing demand, although you are looking for an apartment in HaNoi, a room or a villa in Hanoi, we’ll try our best to give you suitable proposals about location, type and your budget.

Our services for tenant:

-   Receive detail of requirements from customer

-   Seek suitable properties to meet requirements

-   Arrange and show suitable properties to customer

-   Support tenant to choose suitable properties even you haven’t yet arrived Hanoi.

-   Negotiate with landlord about rental price and related utilities with each property

-   Send detail of leasing contract, deposit receipt to rent property

-   Support customer to sign the lease contract with landlord in case customer hasn’t yet arrived Vietnam.

-   Make schedule and arrangement check-in time for customer

-   Support customer to transfer the payment for rent from abroad banks

-   Free airport pick-up for customer (the lease contract has signed before) and take you to your accommodation.

-   Free pick-up from your hotel or your office

-   Arrange for the repair of equipment as water system, power or air conditioner, etc

-   Keep in touch throughout the term of lease contract and support any relating issue 

Our services for landlord:

-   Conduct to assess value of property

-   Create marketing documents (brochure, website, advertising)

-   Contact potential tenants

-   Show property to customers

-   Support negotiations until final contract and other documents

-   Maintain contact throughout the term of the lease and support any relating issue

We also offer various services as:

-   Insect control for your building

-   Help you to find a reliable house and also house-maid

-   Support to contact for relocation service

-   Support to rent car, motorbike or bicycle

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