Savills: market picture real estate brighter

Housing price index are rising, inventories decreased sharply, while a series of investor confidence from South to North commodity despite Ngau months showed pictures of real estate market is gradually light up.

Inventories decline
According to the real estate price index published by Savills recently, in the second quarter / 2014, the housing price index in Hanoi at 100.3 points, up 0.3 points in the quarter and down 4.4 points by year . Although housing price index quarterly slight increase after 11 consecutive quarterly decrease, the price index in accordance with any underlying downward trend continues. The index fell 84 points in the quarter, down by 4 points from last quarter / 2014.
However, the positive rate of inventory on the Hanoi market plummeted 5% qoq and 7% yoy due to good operation of the market. In this quarter, the rate of absorption in Hanoi reached 14%, up 6 percentage points on a quarterly basis, with more than 1,900 apartments were sold. The average price in the second quarter / 2014 at 24.6 million / m2, almost flat qoq.
Savills assessment, in the project construction schedule well, along with many gadget comes in Hai Ba Trung district area and Thanh Xuan, selling price increases. Speculation also appeared again that the market has become more attractive, not only with buyers in real demand, but even with the top tu.Apartment for rent in Ha Noi warming as apartments for rent in Hoan Kiem district, Cau Giay or apartments for rent in Tay Ho is also more expensive hotels.
Also on City real estate market. HCM, said Savills, house price index in the second quarter / 2014 at 89.6 points; increase of 0.6 points from the previous quarter and 0.3 points over the same period last year.
Absorption rate reached 16.9%, up 6.6% from the previous quarter and up 8.9% compared to the same period last year. Trading volume and strong growth year, with approximately 2,550 apartments to be absorbed, up 60% from the previous quarter and 115% over the same period last year. This is the highest volume of transactions in the past 3 years.
Savills seen, during the past 4 quarters, the house price index in the city. HCM slightly each quarter. Key factors such as better financing, construction schedule commitments from investors and products aiming to match buyers target increased market liquidity and price improvement. The positive sign shows that the market is recovering and is expected to continue to increase quarterly price index in the future

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