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Bellaza Building

Ho Chi Minh - District 7 - pmh urban

Dist 7

Belleza Apartments each apartment block from 23-27 floors, and has been designed according to the hierarchical architecture lower-level shock lowest elevation angles create different ventilation for each apartment. From his bedroom window, you can feel the cool breeze blowing up from the river bed, looking at the early morning rays of the morning sun crept through each window, the lights of this nature will bring life for your family's apartment. Project area possesses modern facilities and luxurious for a high life as creches, kindergartens, schools, commercial centers, restaurants, swimming pool, fitness area, spa, massage garden, barbecue, internal park areas, community living areas, ... 
Belleza Apartments can be considered as a modern urban zoomed right in Saigon South. With this utility spaces, residents can be assured of their children's education or resting comfortably, relax, interact, chat with family and friends. Besides, you can also easily use the available facilities at Saigon South bustling atmosphere as: FV Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Institute, RMIT University, ... 
  With reasonable prices and flexible payment methods are divided into 10 waves, it can be stated, Belleza Apartment project has the advantage of location, quality and the most attractive price in Saigon South. 
Belleza Apartments 
Belleza is located in the administrative center of District 7. From here, you can easily through the downtown streets, Nguyen Luong Bang and Huynh Tan Phat or to District 2, District 9, Phu My bridge. 
  Designed in the Spanish style, Belleza Apartments is the harmony between the two cultures Spanish and Vietnamese culture to create living space warmth, intimacy and sophistication in each line. 
- Belleza apartment block consists of 7 high from 23-27 floors, with the design shock levels, the lower blocks allow all apartments have a clear space and exposure to natural light. Besides, by being surrounded by three large rivers Nha Be river, river Rach Doi Phu Xuan River, Belleza apartments you will always enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze blowing in from the river bed. 
- In each apartment Belleza, living room, bedroom, kitchen are exposed to natural light and decorated in the style youthful and modern without sacrificing usability, saving space and feels airy and comfortable for the user. With 5 types of apartments (85.86 to 182.89 m2) is designed to be flexible, customers can easily choose their ideal living space in apartments Belleza. 
Belleza can ho 
  3. Belleza APARTMENT SIZE: 
Interior Design Belleza Apartments 
   - Total area of apartment projects Belleza: 2.7 ha. 
   - Includes: 944 apartments, 7 blocks and 3 zones. 
   - Build: 11360.9 m2 
   - Apartment building density: 42.5% 
   - Total floor area of ​​building projects Belleza: 195,433.9 m2. 
   - With 5 types of apartments from -189.98 m2 92.1 m2 flexible design, customers can easily choose for himself an ideal living space in apartments Belleza. 
  Belleza can ho 
Belleza Apartments near the river, has a cool climate, 4 sides are surrounded by rivers. This is a special project preferences. 
    - This project is a new residential area is synchronized planning, separation, creating quiet. 
    - Apartment Belleza climate and temperature on the river bank to create comfortable environment for residential areas. Adjacent to the Phu My Hung urban (urban model of the national first). 
    - Belleza Apartments is right where approved for a perfect life Lhoan full utility service luxury swimming pool, children's play park, garden barbecue, internal park area, nursery, kindergarten, school, secondary commercial center, restaurants, gym, spa, massage, community areas, protecting service 24/24, car park.
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